Top Mounted

Top Mounted Agitators

Cormix top-mounted vertical agitators are used for mixing and agitating liquids in demanding industrial applications.


They ensure

* high efficiency

* low operating costs

* high process reliability

* low environmental stress.

* homogenous mixing results


Cormix Agitators

* Shaft Diameter up to 150mmShaft

* Length up to more than 20m

* Pharma / Food Execution as Standard

* Parts in contactwith product as Standard in AISI 316

* Shafts and Impellers in Rubber lined or Coated execution

* Stock includes standard Casing / Bearing house for shaft up to 80mm

* The modular Flexible System gives fast delivery and reasonable Price level

* Standard Agitators for Vacuum/pressure with single or double Mechanical Seal


Main benefits

' Long and trusted experience in all industrial segments

* Suitable for the most demanding industrial applications

* Quick and easy installation

* safe operation

* easy maintenance and service


Flexible Modular Design with

* Casing in Stainless Stell with double bearing and coupling

* Interchangeable Gearmotor/Motor Flange in Stainless Stell AISI 304

* Interchangeable Mounting Flange in AISI 316



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